Ways to Make Extra Money While Fooling Around on Forums

I know you may be a little skeptical about the title of this article. How in Gods name would anyone be able to make money fooling around on forums and chatting to new friends? In actual fact, this is not an exaggeration or some trick wording. This is exactly what you will be doing, no selling, no work at all. Nothing but posting on forums and cashing in on your signature file.

Yes you can make money doing nothing but fooling around on forums. In fact, I would say without exaggeration, if you are not having fun by making friends and making constructive statements that contribute to the conversation of the topic of the thread, you will actually not make as much money. You must strictly put business aside entirely and just have fun. Let me explain.

What you have to do is find a company willing to split their commission with you. Some go as high as 75% This is good for you because that is quite a nice cut. You join their affiliate program and then assess the product. Then join at least 40 forums around the internet that relate specifically to the product you chose. So for example, if you found a really excellent dog training course and you decided this was going to be your product. You would join all the dog forums you could find and start making constructive posts.

Most forums allow their user to put in a short line that shows in every post they make. All you have to do is write a simple teaser and the special link the company gives you to start profiting. Just make sure you are friendly and funny and good to be around. Make constructive posts. You will see a mountain of internet cash coming into your account within weeks. Try it!

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